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Agent Spotlight On. . .

Duncan Czamanske!

Duncan Czamanske began his career in real estate in early 2013, where he quickly grew to love being part of this fast-paced industry. He moved here from Rochester, NY in 2007, after earning his degree in Marketing. Duncan enjoys using both his creative and business sides in marketing all different properties, from new developments to apartments. He has set down roots in Boston's Back Bay, and looks forward to helping people in their search for the perfect home. We recently had the opportunity to ask Duncan about his time here at South End Realty Group and in Boston.
1. You moved to Boston 8 years ago after attending college in upstate New York. What was it about the city that made you want to move here?

I spent my summers working in the restaurant industry on Martha's Vineyard while I was in college. We would take day trips to Boston, whenever we had some time off. After graduating, I spent more time on Martha's Vineyard, but decided I couldn't stay in the restaurant industry forever. My girlfriend was already working in real estate in Boston so it seemed a natural transition for me to make.

2. An avid outdoorsman, you enjoy swimming, skiing, and fishing, amongst other pursuits. What are some neighborhoods in and around Boston where you like to do these things?

In the city proper, there are aren't many places for the outdoor activities that I happen to enjoy. I swim most days at the gym, but wait for summer before going into the ocean around here. It's so cold! The Harbor Islands are great for fishing and camping, and it's a quick trip from anywhere in the city. My favorite place to fish will always be Chappaquiddick on the Vineyard, but it's not as easy to get to. Boston is lucky that it has so many close places for winter sports. From Wachusett to Blue Hills to Loon, there's something for everyone. Especially the Frog Pond right in the Boston Common!

3. Once a tourist yourself, what are some attractions not to be missed for visitors to our city?

To be fair, when I was first getting to know Boston, I didn't spend that much time seeing the tourist sites. A lot of my friends lived in the Brighton/Allston area so I stayed around there. Now, when I show out-of-town friends and family around, I make sure to walk the Freedom Trail, see Faneuil Hall & the State House, and of course take a visit to Fenway Park. Although, that last one isn't such a big hit with my New York family. . .

4. Boston has so many new developments happening right now, from the South End to the Fenway to Government Center. What kind of impact do you see this having on the rental market in the coming years.

Personally, I'm very excited about all the new developments happening in the city. I've recently become involved with new developments in the South End, and have really enjoyed helping people build their custom homes from the ground up. As for affecting the rental market, I think we'll see rental rates decrease as more units become available. This is great news for all the rental clients, and I look forward to finding those great deals for my present and future clients.

5. Finally, any advice you can give to people moving to the Hub? From parking tips to area gyms to renters insurance, I'm sure you've encountered many things helpful to new Bostonians, having been one yourself.

Not having a car, I'm not very good at parking tips. Luckily, the city is very walk, cycle, and public transportation friendly. We're also a health-conscious city so there are many gyms to suit various needs. I personally go to the Boston Sports Club (the BSC) because it's close to both my home in the Back Bay and my work in the South End. After surviving this past winter, the biggest tip I can offer anyone moving here is to buy snow boots!

Contact Duncan today at Duncan@southendrealty.com to discuss developments, rentals, or great places to eat on the Vineyard